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Current photo of Dr. Ann Weber
Photo of Dr. Weber when she was a young child

Dr. Ann Weber

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

Director, Wolf Cub Lab

In her research, Dr. Weber aims to reduce disparities in child health and development that can arise in situations of poverty, inadequate education, and gender and racial inequalities. Much of her research has focused on assessing the effectiveness of programs aimed at improving the health and development of children living in low-income countries or contexts. However, evaluating the impact of such programs in a fair and unbiased way across cultures

is a global challenge. To address this challenge, Dr. Weber joined with a consortium of researchers led by the World Health Organization to validate the Global Scales for Early Development (GSED), a new measure to allow for cross-

national comparisons of children’s early development.

The Wolf Cub Lab aims to combine traditional child assessments, such as the GSED, with state-of-the-art cognitive neuroscience methods, such as neuroimaging, to examine the neural mechanisms underlying children’s acquisition of

early developmental skills. Ultimately, Dr. Weber’s goal is to use this information to expand our understanding of “what works” to advance early childhood development.

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Current photo of graduate research assistant Kristin Tellez-Monnery
Photo of graduate research assistant Kristin Tellez-Monnery when she was a young child

Kristin Tellez-Monnery, MS

Graduate Research Assistant

Kristin has an educational background in health sciences and psychology and is currently pursuing studies in biostatistics and epidemiology. She has a varied research background including pre-clinical research in multiple sclerosis, psychological factors of alcohol-hangover, and disaster impact and preparedness. Kristin is currently also working on the GSED project with Dr. Weber. She has diverse research interests in public health, psychology, and their interactions.

Sean O'Neil

Technical Manager, Neuroimaging Core

Technical Suport and Advice for Wolf Cub Lab